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COGEIS  is specialized in the sale of plastic injection machines, we can also supply spare parts and accessories for injection machines,
Our team offers more than 30 years of experience in the plastics industry and mechanics.

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COGEIS presents all the essential and necessary equipment in the plastics industry.

With all the technical processing whether injection, blow molding, extrusion.

• Drying systems and preparation of material
• The thermoregulatory
• The conveyor
• The feeders / dispensers / stainers.

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COGEIS supplied electrical components and other Industrial supplies: contactors,circuit breakers,thermal relays, speed changer, All kinds of sensors and detectors,buttons and selectors, Box, ...

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COGEIS presents it's wide range of solutions for automation and industrial controls such as PLC's PLC (OMRON, Siemens ,...)

In addition a variety of programmable screens

Our company also offers pre-equipped controllers for plastic injection machines

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COGEIS also satisfied all your needs in pneumatic equipment: Training as cylinders, Management, limit switches, selector switches, valves, Pedals, Fittings, Tubing, Filters, Regulators, ...



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